Friday, September 7, 2012

Amazing DOD Fitness Products


Do you have bad knees? This product is amazing, and it may be something that might be of interest to you.

These new fitness tools recently released to the market make it easier for people with problem knees, wrists and necks to do moves that were almost impossible for them before. The Knee Donuts, Wrist Wedges and Neck Circles provide the support, stability and comfort needed for those who have trouble putting weight on their wrists and knees and/or need support for their neck.

Gretchen Zelek is a business woman and a fitness enthusiast who saw a need and filled it with these 3 products.

The Knee Donut can prevent, reduce, or eliminate knee pain while in a weight bearing position. Unlike other knee cushions, the donut shape prevents the patella (kneecap) from ever touching the floor. Not only are they perfect to help with any exercises done on the knees, they are also great tools for gardening. The Knee Donut is safe for those who have had knee replacement surgery.

The Wrist Wedge was ergonomically designed to reduce stress and pain during weight bearing exercises like push-ups and planks. The entire hand rests on the non-slip wedge with the fingers on the downward slope. The angle of the Wrist Wedge reduces the degree of wrist extension; this decreases the pressure on the wrist.

The Neck Circle was invented for anyone who feels neck tension during or after exercise. The Neck Circle keeps the head in a neutral position creating proper alignment. When placed under the base of the head the height provides cushion and support thus creating a biomechanically optimal position.

Check out the benefits:
All of the DOD Fitness products are made in the USA. Their specially designed foam is covered in a waterproof, sweat-proof and bleach-proof coating. The foam is made to a specific density to provide support and cushioning. They are extremely lightweight and easy to take to a class or gym. The products are appropriate for anyone to use at home or in a workout studio. Personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga and Pilates teachers will be able to help their clients further their fitness goals.

The Knee Donuts and Wrist Wedges are sold as a pair for $19.99 for each pair. The Neck Circle is $9.99. A complete set of all three products in a handy tote bag is $44.99. They are available at



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  1. Interesting product...might be a good way to get my wife (who has bad knees) interested in doing push ups with!