Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day!

I got my haircut from my sister over the holiday. Love. It.
(sorry I am wearing no make up.....)

This is how it looked before, and with my sister. Love. Her.

So I got all "Beautified" and now I can save money on shampoo since I don't have any hair left ha ha.

We played Scrabble and I got the bonus points for using all my tiles. Go. T.!

We saw the full moon the night after the "Blue Moon" which we could not see in STL because of the storms.

She had this spider in her garden, she says they "write" in their web......weird!

We went walking..........and did it 2 days in a row, Go Sis!

I stopped did push ups

And runs

And more push ups.......sissy decided to take advantage of this moment with a rest on the bench.

Then we played in the water park, way fun!

Just what I needed after a long hot walk.

And after all those games, and walks we had a treat......Ice cream, with coffee and Kahlua topped with caramel sauce, YUMMO!
Now its back to work, but I had a nice little mini vacation.