Monday, September 24, 2012

Eats, Treat...Welcome Fall!

I made some yummy french toast, and topped it with some fresh strawberries!

It was a nice Sunday breakfast treat, and easy to make. Normally I would have topped this with honey and peanut butter but yesterday I had a craving for some syrup, so syrup it was!
Since returning from Maui I have been wanting to make the lemonade they make there at the 4 Seasons Maui that has ginger and mint in it.
I will know how it taste tonight, you have to let it sit 24 hours.
*Insert jump up and down here ;-)

It is officially Fall!!! And that means starting crafts........I found this wonderful idea on Pintrest and ordered the goodies to try to make them. I only have a few made, as I need to get other paper patterns for the rest of them for a nice variety.
Tonight I add the link and chain.
*I can't wait to see the finished product!

On to decorating!!!
I just looooove Halloween, and decided what the heck my friend Cindy has her stuff up so why not me? I decide last night while watching the Emmy's that I would decorate.
Here is a sneak peek at my kitchen area...........
Cute huh?

The scoop on workouts:
Saturday trained a client then taught 1 hour Yoga, and on Sunday I took a 3 mile walk.


  1. That french toast looks quite tasty!