Friday, December 9, 2011

P90X 2.

My new car, I just love it! 2011 Juke SL with all the bells and whistles and as requested here is my picture with it :-)

It came! P90X2 and with more toys, 1 roller, 1 stability ball and 2 med balls. Not sure when I will start this one it looks intense and its only 5 days of workouts per week!!!

So did my Gymboss

If you don't know about these you can time just about anything, HITT, Tabata or any moves you want I am PUMPED!

Really maybe I will look like Zuzana .....ahh insert dream big here!

Big pot'o Chili I made yummo...

and some Yoga poses, that I took at mom's house before we sold it.
I was wanting to use one on my website but they came out blurry......

I have only completed the first week of Extreme 90 and need to stick more with the program.
Teaching tomorrow at the Yoga Studio early shift, I will bring the new Yoga Mat bags I made to sell tonight.

Saturday it will be all about getting the house organized and then a Christmas play I just can't wait for!

To do:
1. Tax software bought
2. Paper work sorted
3. Christmas gifts wrapped
4. Holiday plans

How are your holiday plans going?

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  1. I have the orginal P90X, which one do you like better?

  2. BBD - Thanks for the comment! Since I have not started this one yet, I am not going to say. However the original needs less toys, this one is adding med balls, stability balls and a roller.
    Which also adds to the cost $