Wednesday, December 14, 2011

8 Top Workouts 2011

I have decided I would just post some of the top workouts or workout sites that I enjoyed doing in 2011 and why.

You may have a certain trainer that you enjoy as do I. I guess my favorite would be Denise Austin,
and Jillian Michael's, online Zuzana Light aka Body Rock TV.

This year I did not add any new workouts to my DA collection except for "Sculpt and Burn" but added several to my JM collection. I also got the opportunity to review a few workouts that I may not have choose to buy myself and truly loved them.

So here are my chosen 8

1. JM Killer buns and thighs - this workout is not just about the bum or legs it really incorporates all the muscle groups. Plus lets face it JM knows what she is doing. (well I did not like her Yoga workout but hey all the rest are ALL good) Worth the money, its a 3,2,1 style and motivating, no need to say more.

2. Supreme 90 - although I have not finished this program completely it is worth the $20! Same style as P90X some say copy cat but it is not, but so much less time involved. Lets face it most people don't have over an hour to workout each day. Don't hate on me Tony Horton, I'm still a huge fan and can't wait to complete P90X2.

3. Will Power and Grace barefoot workout - I did an article on this workout and its really tough!
Plus you get a great cardio workout BAREFOOT. I love being barefoot and if I could live on the beach I would :-)
Just saying this workout is worth the money as an unknown in the BIG video world, think cardio Yoga. Yes Yoga can be tough, its more then you think and until you try it you won't know what your missing but go with a "Flow" style.

4. Bob Harpers Kettlebell workout - BAM! Bob does a great job with flow as a shorter workout and still getting the variety by adding in pushups and lunges for a complete fat blaster. I looooove working with kettlebells and even did an article on a kettlebell workout studio in St. Louis but did not have near the fun Bob brought. Again, worth the money but watch the how to. My tie choice is Paul Katami Build and Burn, adding a step to kettlebell is like HEAVEN.

5. - Holy. Smokes. I have been watching this site grow since 2008 and it gets better and better each year. If you think your tough, just try her workouts and then get back with me. (ok and guys your just going to love her body nuff said)

6. Scott Herman Fitness - Another killer workout, Scott breaks it down online, and he has the body to prove it. Ok, and he is good looking too!

7. Making the best - Ahmad, on Youtube this guy is amazing, he works with celebs and creates easy to follow workouts with "pop up" challenges and amazing tunes.

8. Cathe Friedrich - I can't name just one workout....anything Cathe, that is all I have to say about that. Her name and body says it all. If you want a good clear trainer, she is it. Nothing fancy just an awesome workout. Period.

I could go on and on, but these are my top 8 for 2011 I hope you enjoyed reading about them and if you try them leave a comment.


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