Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Fountain!

I am thrilled with this new fountain!
Hoping the birds will drink from it, and I have it on an on off switch. I need to get a longer one but for now its working great. 
This space is 15x12
So I moved my firepit closer to the patio blocks
I want to build that up but for now, I have it on the blocks I had on hand. 

I like having water and fire in the space, and would like the fountain under the Rose of Sharon but it drops flowers so that would be a problem. 
The space is like a little retreat......and I am pleased. I can't wait till next spring to get some sod, it will look so much better :-)

Ok, this is the pose I have been working on, baby bird. 
its much tougher then it looks for sure. 

(Photo: Darren Rhodes creator of YogaHour and owner of Yoga Oasis )

I finished The 21 Day Fix and will be on to my next workout. 
Rating = 8

Thanks for reading..........

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