Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Home Studio Makeover 2015!

The studio got a new color floor!
Blue and very calming in a way. 
I also got new windows, so nice!

I had to move some things around, and I like it better this way. 

Entering, it looks more purple then blue......

More room and easier to grab what I need. 

The best way I found to do my studio is:
Hang what you can to save space
Pick colors that will feel clean and open
Find containers or cabinets that will fill your needs in more then one way
Get a bench that is on rollers so you can move if needed and that has incline
Get a good rack for weights, safety is  HUGE
Buy mats that don't collect sweat, bacteria 

Keep your stuff clean by wiping it with Clorox or anti-bacteria wipes and spray your mats with Lysol so you don't have any germs. I keep hand sanitizer and make all my clients use it after a session. 

If you make a home studio, just remember space is money so take your time on getting what you want and try to get the best you can afford. I thought I would be doing more pilates but no my clients just were not into that, I sold my bench. And for that piece being gone, it made space to add a cardio machine the elliptical. 

Thanks for reading!

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