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According to the press release....."Blown away by the strategies behind her many parenting workshops, Paul and Samira invited Barbara to join forces to launch Progressive Parenting Publishing and produce these two DVDs. The company’s philosophy is simple: combining Samira and Barbara’s experience to bring parents authentic and authoritative educational videos that encourage parents to focus on their child’s motivations and needs, rather than just on behaviors."

DVD “Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting” is a question and answer video between Barbara and parents that address common behaviors. The roots of healthy child development are nurtured when children’s needs are met and they are allowed to experience life for themselves with proper guidance, instead of control. This is the foundation of the non-judgmental, emotionally connected style of parenting that Barbara Olinger presents in her DVD. Divided into chapters that include: 1) Whining, Anger & Sadness; 2) Self Esteem & Non Judgmental Language; 3) Politeness: Sorry & Thank You; 4) When Parents Lose It; 5) Sharing; 6) Transitions & Power Struggles; 7) Specific Developmental themes of 2 Years Old & 4 Years Old; and 8) Setting Limits.

DVD “Welcoming Your Second Child” When expecting your second baby, you might feel like an old pro when it comes to diapers, feeding, and snapping up onesies, but the idea of life with two children can present an entirely new set of worries. Its common to wonder things like, Will I love both children the same? Will I be able to manage two kids? Oh no! Am I ready for this? At the same time, your first child is likely experiencing a sense of uneasiness, even if theyre too little to verbalize it. They might be wondering: Am I still going to be loved? Am I still Mommys or Daddys priority? Am I still special? In this program, Barbara Olinger addresses these issues by leading a progressive parenting workshop that guides parents through the transition of welcoming second-born children. Barbara helps parents to define and understand their childrens perspectives. She helps explain the older childs underlying needs and how those needs are communicated through behavior. She presents a menu of specific methods for how to connect with and respond to your firstborn during this significant change in his or her life. This video is a must-see for anyone expecting their second child or parenting two children during their first years at home.  

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Barbara Olinger and Samira are available for interviews and appearances. Call (831) 656-0553 to schedule. 

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