Monday, September 15, 2014

P90X3 Workouts 9/13 - 9/20

I got the house ready for fall :-)

My workouts this week so far:
emoticonP90X Day 19 Transformation week (done)

Pilates X (15 mins)

Roll up
Plow to boat
Bridge up
Scissors V alternating
Roll up alternating legs

Cals burned = 36

Lunch walk 2.5 miles = 126

Total cals burned = 162

emoticon Sunday (skipped went out of town)
Cut down my sisters tree
Hauled to burn pile
Raked yard

Time 2hours 15 minutes

Cals burned = 585

emoticonemoticonemoticonSaturday was super productive:
Heavy fall cleaning climbing up and down stairs
Cleaned basement
Moved boxes for fall decorating
Winterized pond
Covered A/C unit
Cleaned out/swept Garage
Laundry and packed up charity
Bedding arranged/cleaned/swapped out
Painted basement windows

Cals burned = 364 
Thanks for reading :-)

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