Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Workout - 1hr
8 minute warm up

Round 1
Lateral lifts front/side 7lb db
Banded circle chest pulls
Decline push ups
Bent over rows w/25lb db
Pour curls 9lb db

Round 2
Pull up pants to side lateral lifts 7lb db
Banded circle back pull
Decline push up w/knee ins
Up right row w/25lb bb
Bicep curl to overhead press 9lb db

Bonus Round
Speed run
Tricep kick back 8lb
Lizzard planks
Kettle bell swing 20lb
Speed run
5 min cool down stretch

Thanks for reading.............


  1. woooowww.. this is like the most extreme upper body workout i have ever read. This will definitely test the limits man :)

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