Friday, June 13, 2014

Client Training 6/12-6/13

Client training 6/12:

8 cardio warm up


Round 1:

Squat press up - 8lb

Modified push up

Lunge holds

Kettlebell swings - 25lb

Plyo low jumps

5 half sun salutations


Round 2:

Plank jacks

Chest press - 10lb

Step up w/lateral lifts 5lb

V side hops

Skull crushers pyramid - 10 - 12 - 15

Bent over rows - 25lb

Dead lifts - 25lb db


Core and Yoga cool down


Client training 6/13:

8 min cardio warm up


Round 1:

Wall squats w/3lb db

Squat w/bicep curl to overhead press - 9lb

Wood chops 8lb

Kettle bell swing drop an arm - 20lb

Step up w/front and lateral 3lb db

Walking lunges - 20lb bb


Round 2:

Sumo wall squat w/toe lift

Plank T-rows - 9lb db

Med ball crunch arms straight 8lb

Lunge kettlebell pass unders 20lb

Plyo jumps

Dead lifts 20lb bb


Bonus cardio blast x 2 rounds @ 1 min each

Jacks to mountain climbers

Sprints to plank knee to elbows


Cool down stretch w/band
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