Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My First Cherry Pie!

Fall is in the air.......and I got to go shopping!
With one of my best friends
Ain't she cute?
Too bad we don't get together often enough, she lives in the State next door to Missouri.......Illinois
and its her daughters Sweet 16 Birthday coming up!
We did lots of shopping after Sushi, yum!

I baked my first cherry pie.....

And cut....pretty huh?
Not really but it tasted good. (ok, its not burnt lol)
I used:
1 can cherry pie filling
1 can lite cherry pie filling
Graham cracker crust
Made a double batch top pie cover (flour, egg, shortening)
Brushed with melted butter and baked at 450 for 30 minutes due to the double crust.
I liked the double crust on top, made it much less cherry-ish.

My Sunday shopping atire, with the scarf......

and without.....
Which look is best?

Saturday I went out, I even penciled in my brows........

Make up and hair done up ;-)

The trees are changing, time for me to bundle up!

Yes, bundled up at the office........

This weeks workouts:
I started November 1st the Zcut Power workouts.........
Zuzuka Power Cut - Day 5 (today)
High step up w/10lb db
Renegade rows w/pushup 10lb db
Bench single leg squats 10lb db
DB kettlebell swing 10lb db
ZCut workout 4

Curtsy side lunge w/5lb db
Dive bombers
Pistol squats
Zcut workout 3
Step up lunge w/overhead press - 10lb
Sumo squat
Side plank burpee w/pushup
Zcut workout 2

Burpee w/side plank db 5lb
Lunge w/side twist 5lb db
Downdog pushup w/knee in
Zuzuka - ST Day 1 Workout 1

Plank w/row and shoulder press - 10lb - 5lb
Side hops
Squats w/db 10lb - 5lb

Cool down stretch
Thanks for reading!

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