Thursday, November 21, 2013

My New Favorite Spice!

Wow I had no idea they made this!
Lucky I was at the food store and spotted this on sale for about $2.50. I have added it to rice, eggs and chicken my rating = 10
It doesn't tell you the spices but its not too hot, just flavor and a lot of it.
On the workout was last nights training:
Client training:
8 min cardio warm up

TRX push ups - 10-15
Banded side leg lifts w/V-steps - 2 min
Kettlebell swings w/drop arm 25lb - 1 min

Bench dips
Lunge curl to press 12lb - 30
Chest press - 12lb
Skull crushers - 2db 12lb each
Chest flys - 10lb
Bent over rows 25lb kettlebell
Hammer curl to overhead press - 15lb-12lb
Thanks for reading, chow!

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