Thursday, November 7, 2013

Foggy Fall Morning

This mornings fog was amazing!
You can see the trees are changing and leaves are dropping really fast since the rain fell yesterday
The Barbie House front yard....

And the parking lot at the office.........
All the colors of fall :-)

At the office........I decided to change my screen saver

Just like what I saw........
cool huh?

Kinda looks like this........

and a random picture of my new green top
Love it.

Todays workout - Off
Last night client training:
Step up warm up w/3lb db
Plank on step w/decline push up and leg lifts add knee ins
Lunge w roundhouse kick
Tricep bench dips
Bridge w/pilates ball
Reverse crunch w/pilates ball
Clocks w/pilates ball
Alternating side planks on push up bars
Deep squat w/12db
Bicep curl to overhead press w/15-12-15lb
Thanks for reading..........

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