Monday, November 18, 2013

What A Party!

Ha ha my girlfriends daughter turned Sweet 16!
We made a photo booth and had fun before the party.......
lol cowgirl!
We arrived to decorate yay!

And we got started just before the storm hit!
We had fun.......35 kids, a candy bar and nachos.

Gracie got her hair adorable!

Guarding the house with her favorite bone.
Green of course ;-)

The sky before the storms that morning were lovely........

And the moon last night.......
Wow what a fall in STL!

On to the workouts minus the cupcake and nachos I had.......
Zcut Power - workout 1

Weighted squats w/overhead press - 12lb db
Manmakers w/row - 12lb db
Side hops
Side lunge w/cross over reach 8lb db                           
ZCut Power workout #12

Lunge w/knee lift
Squat w/side leg lift
Chair cross over leg lifts
                            Dragon push ups                           
Still practicing my stuff for Teacher Training Yoga and trying to holiday shop!
Thanks for reading :-)

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