Monday, November 11, 2013

I Painted It Orange!

I finally painted the doors of the Barbie House Orange!
I saw this or similar color on a house I saw on a blog.
 Only this color is a better fit with my blue color don't ya think?
and I colored my hair........
Wearing my new chunky sweater that I love so much I got it in 2 colors.
Tan and Grey speckled.
$20 bucks on sale!

My homework till December for Teacher Training and I have to journal it everyday.
I have an accountable partner too.

Gracie in her ONLY yoga pose....
Crescent ;-)

Her with her favorite toy bone.

.....and so tired after a day at doggy day care!

Now some fall colors from around the park near the Yoga studio.......
I love all the wrought iron gates too.

This weeks workout:
Monday - Off day practice sequence 3 for 30 min after work
Tuesday - Friday Zcut Power
Thanks for reading........
Happy Veterans Day and thank you to those that serve our country.

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