Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fun Pool Party!

I went to a fun pool party on Saturday!
This is the suit I decided to wear, its got some "bling-bling" and you can actually swim in it.
I wanted to wear my white beach pants over this, but instead wore my Maui shirt.
Glad I did because I would have been more sunburned then I was!
I wore my Guess jeweled flip flops and still came in OK for my food log. Usually I dive bomb on the protein, but not this time. Carbs were super low and I only had one drink, I had 4 waters while there.
Here is how it laid out for the day: 
                                             CALORIES       CARBS       FAT              PROTEIN
                          Totals:           1,663109         79120

Check out this cute frog on the back porch....he was so tiny!
And my favorite time of summer....
About 80 calories per cup of yumminess.

Today's workout:
ZCut Month 2 Week 3 Day 2 - Workout #10
Low Jacks
180 degree burpee
Forward back lunge jump
Switch lunges w/squat
Plank hops
I am almost at the 3rd month..........thanks for reading!

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