Monday, July 22, 2013

The Birthday Haul!

It's raining Ann Taylor and I love it!!!
I got all these great items with my gift cards, and I am super happy about it.
$75.00 well spent!
A tee, mid-sleeved button down dress shirt, a short sleeved sweater a BO-ho necklace and eek.......wedge sandals!!!
I added $10 to get the shoe so my total was $85.00!
They were $88 on sale for just $22 how could I say NO and they had my size on the display.....double eek, meant to be.

Some of the items being tried on.
Too cute!!!

And with the shoes..........ahmazing!

Don't know why this turned out dark at the bottom?

Some of my Ann Taylor items from last year I can add to this year to make my wardrobe FRESH, yay!

And Gracie, of course.

New products I will be doing a review on.........

My workout:
ZCut Month 2 Week 2 Day 1 Workout #3

Hop overs to burpee jump
Donkey kick ups
Crab toe touches
Ab splitters

8 min cool down 
Thanks for reading.............

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