Monday, February 25, 2013

Charity Gala!

Love my Ann Taylor Boots and any reason to wear them...I am so in!!!
I decided to wear my JoLo dress to the Gala Charity event.

I pulled my hair up and back. I don't think this picture does the justice of how adorable it came out.

Anyway I tried to get a close up.
The apps were great, I love all the types of cheese.

Just look at the display wow! Nuts and cranberries and lots of crackers it was so tasty.

The event had 2 comedians and a silent and live auction. I didn't get the spa package or the horse back ridding lessons I was out bided.
My Charity is Feed my People and it was one of the recipients. The headliner comedian did Ozzy Osborne to a tee, I laughed so hard.
Here are the auction baskets.

So yesterday I get up and look who wants to play after 4 glasses of Merlot?
Gracie :-)

Today's sunrise, its back to work at the office.

Thanks for reading.......

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