Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yoga One on One!

I'm super happy to report my one on one private lesson with Connie RYT was fabulous!
I know look sweaty and large next to her but she is like 100 pounds of muscle :-)
I just went to the 8am class, had coffee with my girlfriend then Connie came over.
We worked my form on Sun Salutation and then Wheel pose and wow!
OK, I was so sore I took off Sunday and Monday.
Good news she comes for second session tonight woo woo at 7.30pm.
I colored my hair from Red to Black.
It doesn't look that Black here but I will take another shot today, its way darker.I enjoy mixing up my hair, its kinda like an accessory.
Me at the office today......

Today's sunrise

colorful, and lovely

My workout:
Pilates reformer
Walk - Run inclines Lunch
Thanks for reading :-)


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