Monday, February 18, 2013

16th Birthday Party! (Photos)

My nephew turned 16 on Valentines Day.
I went to the country to celebrate at my aunts house. She has this great fireplace, I loved it!
He is almost 6' tall now! I am 5'4" and he towers over me.

But he is still a kid at heart so here is the cake I got him with a purple car on it because this kid can't get enough purple! Sometimes I wonder if it is because that was my moms favorite color and it helps him pay honor to him.
Kids. Can't. Figure. Them. Out.

Gifts....yes that's a big smile!
He loved all his gifts even the Imos Pizza and White Castles.

My aunt and her dog Shadow.

Me and my Aunt Mavis, she looks more and more like my mom each day. I can see how I will look as I age from the genetics. Yep, no make up.

You can get this waffle sweater at Old Navy on clearance right now if you like it.
My workouts were:
Saturday - 1 hr 15 min Power Yoga
Taught 1 hr Hatha Yoga after that.
= 135 minutes of Yoga!
This is a part of the lake that was flooded last year, well a road. Now they call it "Little Grand Canyon" pretty huh? 
Gacie was zonked after playing with Shadow and went right to bed!

Thanks for reading!

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