Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Post: Pole Dancing- A Great Way To Stay Fit And Have Fun

Suprise! I have a guest blog................You might find this one really fun!

Pole Dancing- A Great Way To Stay Fit And Have Fun

Get fit and have fun! Cripes, enough already. Is there any physical activity around that doesn’t claim to be both great for your health and fun! fun! fun! Newsflash: beach volleyball isn’t fun. You get hot, sweaty, and after the fact find grains of sand in body parts you didn’t even know existed. Boot camp isn’t fun. Think about it. Boot camp. Ditto for workouts on the rowing machine, cross trainer, and treadmill. And hot yoga, gimme a break. All the better to smell all the accidental farts slipping out of your fellow attendees.

I will however, vouch for the fun aspect of one physical activity. Pole dancing provides both an incredible, total body workout, and a surefire recipe for fun. Put a bunch of girls in a room with shiny silver poles, feather boas, and loud music and you’re guaranteed a half hour of hilarity. Just ask the experts at Pole Fetish.

Pole dancing, maligned for many years as a sleazy activity best reserved for starving uni students and drug afflicted urchins, has shaken off it’s old reputation and is now widely regarded as a legitimate form of exercise. The skill required to perform a routine on the pole is breathtaking, yet well within the reach of the enthusiastic novice. Running really fast is not an impressive party trick. Knowing how to slide up and down a pole to Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’- now that, friends, is some party trick!

Pole dancing is particularly ideal for women wishing to improve their core fitness. Any personal trainer will tell you that core fitness is the key. By getting your core in tip top, you’ll improve your posture, lung function, day to day energy levels. And don’t be put off by our chirping about party tricks- you can do pole dancing in your daggiest get up, and there’s no need to ever engage in a public demonstration (cue the male population aiming a large dart at my head)

For more information on the fantastic health benefits- and yes, fun,- to be had from pole dancing, visit

 Ivy Delfin

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