Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Its Christmas Time!

Me at the office, this is the Christmas tree in my area. I love the silver and gold, so pretty!
My girlfriend Diane and I celebrated Christmas this weekend. She got a wonderful dessert for us, it was a cheesecake with strawberries on top. YUM!
It was from McCarthurs!

On another note, I finished Insanity!
Finally me and Shaun T. can part ways, it was fun while it lasted......a major sweat fest!

Now it is day 2 of P90X2.
So far, boring. I know it may be because Insanity was such fast pace but this one is more about balance and using a foam roller. (which I already do)

The warm up is the same each workout, not like P90X which was different each one. I'm sure its easier to piece it together that way but if you get bored easy like I do, you may not like it.
My warm up is 50 Jacks, then P90X2 warm up without rolling. I am not following the meal plan on this, I am doing the Clean Eat magazine recipes. So its Christmas time, are you ready for Santa?
I am :-)

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