Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hostoric Kimswick at Christmas

I got these great snowflakes from Linda on my facebook fan page, thanks!
I have a white tree so I decided to display them like this..........

This is Historic Kimswick, and during the holiday season they go all out with lights and it is so charming it is well worth the trip.
Here are some of the pictures I snapped, enjoy!

Some of the homes date back to the 1800's and have been saved and turned into great little unique shops.

And you can find many one of a kind things, and lots of friendly people too!

It was raining but I still felt the Christmas spirit everywhere.
They even have playing holiday music filling the air.

Most of the shops won't let you take pictures but this one did, and how cute is this display?

It is the Blue Owl Sweet shop, they sell Ice cream, and other fun gifts.

How cute is the tree that they have, you can't really see that it has candy all over it. I love the big pink barbie colored bow :-)

All the shops are open every day EXCEPT on Monday.

These little guys were adorable, and I love the tree sprig that lights up. Who knew lambs were so darn cute?

Talk about beautiful, can you imagine living in this house?

This is the famous Blue Owl Restaurant. I had lunch there, and they are known for pie. I had the cheesecake, it was amazing just like the food.

I tried to get a picture leaving once it was darker, but with the rain I decided to stay in the car. I know I won't melt, but we had been walking all afternoon in it.

I love this carriage, just image how people use to travel like this. I guess it took forever to get anywhere and you better like who your traveling with huh?

This was cute, but you can't tell it was all white with lots of white lights.

Then if you continue to the back of Kimswick I found this old structure. It is across from the river and I just wonder if it used to be a huge castle?

The gates we amazing but I did not get a picture of them.

This is the Anheuser Estate
It is a working farm, and you can visit it in the spring and fall.
You can barley see the horses.......

Then there is this historical bridge I was just facinated with.
The Windsor Harbor Road bridge

It was moved to this spot and saved

How cool is the iron works?

I love how it looks and that they kept the wooden parts too.

If you have never been you really should take a trip to Kimswick, even if its not during the holidays the Christmas Haus is open all year!

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