Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas Dress

I have always wanted a red dress, now I have one. I must admit, it is a size too big, but I am going to make it work. I always wear a 6 in a dress because of my back, wish I could say its my chest ha ha but nope. I ordered this dress on sale, really cheap at Kohls, and I ordered the black one too in the right size. They sold out of the red, which is like an orange red color that I adore.
I paired this will brown wedges and this great denim jacket, it is amazing!
Yesterday I went to the park at lunch and got in 3 miles. I can't complain the weather was in the high 50's and sunny. I really enjoyed it, and I think I could have stayed there all day!
This morning the sunrise was STUNNING! I had to snap a picture because I wanted to keep that colorful sky in my memory.
December 19th and look at!

Today was rest day on X2 so I did JM 30 day shred level 1.
Rocked it, just sayin'.

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