Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th Of July Vaca!

I just got back from vacation and found one of my favorite bloggers (Cookies and Cups) posted this on Milk Shake recipes, OMG!

 It is on my to make list ;-)

Back to the vaca.......this is my sisters make up bag the blue one on the left. Yeah thats what I thought, its almost the size of her travel bag!!!


Here she is sleeping beauty....
and Gracie was there too of course, no vacation is complete without her.

We played Scrabble and I won, of course tee hee.

SNACK BAG nuff said.

and my sisters home in the country.

Came home and last night had a hail storm, it was scary!!!

They started small and got bigger.......

This is the size of a quarter, it lasted about 30 minutes.
The rain storm was over in about an hour, and it got about 20 degrees cooler too.

My workouts were 2 days on the treadmill
About 10 minutes of swimming, I am not counting the rest of the moving and all....but I am sure it was a bunch of calories burned!
Thanks for reading :-)

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