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Personalized Hospital Gowns Can Save Lives


Once in a while a product comes along that you just have to share, this is one of them. Its called Secure Threads, personalized hospital gowns that add style, comfort and confidence to recovery. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may have a need.

"After age 50, most people will find themselves in a doctor's office, hospital setting or long-term care facility for one reason or another. To look your best at all times, owning your own hospital gown with personal information embroidered on the pockets can help you look dignified and presentable while vastly improving your mental outlook - which is an integral part of the healing process. When you look good, you feel like you can conquer the world!" Secure Threads

Take the guesswork out of hospital stays…check out the press release on this product:

Chicago, IL – May 15, 2012 – Most people don’t think of a hospital gown as a fashion item. But, Secure Threads has revolutionized the hospital/ doctor experience for individuals by introducing a unique, personal and functional hospital gown that is a definite fashion item. Created by Jeanne Mattick, the Secure Threads hospital gown takes the guesswork out of one’s hospital stay ( $69.99 each). Based on her own experiences and years of development, Mattick has developed the hospital gown that is not only functional, but is fashionable as well. The patent pending gowns features four pockets, embroidered with personalized patient information and are made of soft, cozy 100 percent cotton flannel. They come in a variety of sizes (XS to 3X) and 10 colors.

The gown has openings in the front and back, as well as on the top of both sleeves. All openings are secured with Velcro for easy in and out. The gowns have enough material and security closures so that when a patient walks and moves, their body parts are not exposed. The patented idea that sets the Secure Threads gown apart from other gowns are the embroidered pockets that not only look stylish but provide medical information to help avoid any accidents or confusion with regards to patient information.

After a certain age, everyone is likely to find themselves in a doctor’s office, hospital setting or long-term facility for one reason or another. In these circumstances, people deserve to feel comfortable and secure and look and feel their best. The Secure Threads hospital gown helps patients look better and feel secure. This is an integral part of the healing process. Most importantly, since the gown is embroidered with pertinent patient information on the pockets, it helps prevent medical errors. It is always expected that things run smoothly, but accidents do happen. The four pockets provide all the required medical information needed to help things run smoothly.

All of the pockets are located on the front of the gown. The first pocket, on the top right, includes the patient’s name, blood type and birth date. Pocket two, top left, shows the patient’s allergies. There is an open slit for medical cords behind this false pocket. Pocket three, bottom right, includes medical conditions and medications, while the forth pocket, on the bottom left, has the “in case of emergency” information. Behind the remaining three-pockets is a slit that can be opened if needed to run medical cords under the gown. Each pocket has a privacy flap that can be turned over the pocket to cover any information if so desired.

The gowns are perfect for extended hospital stays, recovery after planned or elective operations, plastic surgery, birth deliveries, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, and more. Consumers can purchase the gown easily and securely on the website. Doctors can provide customized gowns for their patients when booking advance procedures, what better gift to give someone who is having surgery or has an extended hospital stay.

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Jeanne Mattick graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.A. degree in elementary education. She then went to Ball State University to receive a Master’s degree, and then to Northern Illinois University to receive a Doctorate degree. She spent ten years as an elementary teacher and then became Assistant Superintendent of Schools in a northwest Chicago suburb. After leaving the public school system she traveled the world extensively. Being a cancer survivor Jeanne had first-hand experience with the hospital gown dilemma. She always wondered why “someone” didn’t do something to help the patients feel dignified and secure when they were in a doctor’s office or hospital. Finally she decided to tackle the problem herself. She learned to sew and designed the Secure Threads personalized hospital gowns. The personalized information on the pockets is paramount to the hospital gown concept.

Jeanne’s husband died because of hospital error. Her goal was to do whatever possible to avoid medical/hospital error and to help the patient become part of the medical team by having essential information readily available to the medical staff.

Please note: Jeanne Mattick is available for interviews and appearances. Please call (831) 656-0553 to schedule.

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