Monday, July 23, 2012

My 50th Birthday Celebration in Maui!!!

I had a wonderful time spending 10 days in Maui for my 50th Birthday!!! This was the hotel Mana Kia Maui, and my new suit that I got at the 4 Seasons Resort. I was lucky enought to get it 1/2 price, what a deal.

Here are some pictures from the hotel next door where I had a fabulous Loco Moco breakfast (eggs on spanish rice)
I loved all the artwork there!

and the view

(The hotel on the right is where I stayed)
The food.......Loco Moco

Of course the helicopter ride was the BEST part!
Enjoy the photos from the ride, beautiful Maui and all the waterfalls

My trip came to an end, it was a wonderful time I hope you enjoyed it too........

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