Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bath and Body Bliss!

My new Maui Bath and Body products arrived! I am so happy about this product I just have to share, not only how FABULOUS it is, but about the woman who owns this company is.

Here is what happened....I was at the 4 Seasons Resort in Waliea in Maui and in one of the shops I ran across a body spray I fell in love with.

It has the most. ever. best. refreshing smell after being out in the sun you ever smelled. Its called White Ginger. When all they had left was the sample not for sale, I asked the sales lady to write down the website on the bottle. BAM! I went online as soon as I got home, and ordered 2 bottles paid via Pay pal.

When it arrived this is what I got.........
A letter from the owner, thanking me. Hand written. She also sent me a BONUS body wash since the website had the product over priced by a few dollars (I gladly paid full price not knowing this) she took off the price of shipping and gave a return credit to my pay pal account!!!
I ordered 2 of the 4oz body spray and they came wrapped in this wonderful tissue with a nice sticker of the company's name.
NAPULA'ALA Bath and Body.
Lori Silva is the creator of this wonderful product and as the product says "Made in Hawaii by a Hawaiian" how great is that? She has other product too, but this one is my ALL TIME favorite.

She also has (description here):

Not often do you find someone so passionate about customer service, but Lori and NAPULA'ALA Bath and Body are.
You can find her products at and she takes paypal :-)

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