Monday, July 23, 2012

Injured Baby Toe

You may be wondering why I have not been writing about my workouts.....well this "little" toe injury has really been a pain to me.

It. looks. worse. now.

I taught Core Yoga on Thursday and during many planks, downdogs and dolphin push ups I now have a huge green bruise running from my toe up to the top of my foot to this flip flop strap.

Hurt. pain.

Truth be told last week I had to train my client barefoot! It was a big ole pain not being able to do much and wearing high heels at the office is a whole nother story! So this is my reason, and I am sticking to it if I want it to heal and do fun things like mountain climbers, burpees and jump back planks.

I did this on the second to last day on vacation on a rock. Then I tried to film my videos with it which I had to "scrap" my whole workout. can something so small hurt so BIG?

I did get 2 new videos up, if your interested in checking out the amazing waterfalls in Maui or my mini-workout just click my youtube icon. I hope to have the the other this week, till then I will be resting my toe till I see the color come back that is should be.


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