Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cute is Cute!

I decided to bring back practical gifts for my clients from vacation. Here Cindy is with this smashingly cute headband!

It was a difficult task finding headbands on Maui, but I did it. What is so great about this type of headband is NOT only is it cute, but functional too. You can fold it down wide, and no fan or sweat will get in your face. Double it up, and BAM adorable head band for going out and about.

Doesn't she look GREAT?

Love. Headbands. That. Work.

Here is last nights workout, as promised.

Workout - Client training

Time of workout - 1hr

Cals burned = 55

Core and More:

Stability ball push ups with pilates ball at ankles

Pilates machine 100

Pilates machine Elephant (which is like a sliding downdog)

Large stability ball push up with pilates ball at ankles

Stability ball bench sits w/lateral raise

Stability ball oblique twist

Bench climbs - 2 min

Bosu squat w/KB row

Bosu jumps

Bosu plank w/up downs

Bench hops - 1 min

Bosu crunch w/wood chop obliqes

Bosu step ups

Bosu roll out with ab wheel

Weights on the bench:

DB chest press

Skull crushers

DB flys

DB bicep curl

DB forearm curl

DB hammer curl to shoulder press

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