Thursday, April 2, 2015

Boot Camp Drills

I thought I would post a few more of the drills I created for Wednesday class.........

Last nights workout at ZFit Studio in Fenton
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/25/15)

•alternating knees to elbow
•lizard lunges
•alternating curtsy lunges

X2 (Round 1 – 20 Round 2 – 10)
Updowns long edge w/db held overhead
Bavarian split lunge w/db at sides (at front of steps)
Squat thrust
Laying chest press to skull crusher (at long edge)
Plyo jumps
Tic-tocks w/sliding arm raises (not side bend)
DB swings alt R and L
Low squat jump back to plank
Table top hand to foot
Burpees (no push up)
Push up w/hand to shoulder
Wall sits add side crunch
Bicycle crunches

Last nights round house workout:
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/11/15)

•alternating knees to elbow
•parallel squats...
•lizzard lunges
•alternating curtsy lunges

Bent over 1 arm row
Standing side bends w/db
Triceps extensions
Lunge twist w/db
Squat overhead press
Plank alt knee downs
Overhead db crunch
Wood chops
Waist rotation w/db
Lateral lifts
Single leg crunch w/db reach
Standing chest flys

Last nights Boot Camp ROCKED at ZFit Studio Fenton
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/4/15)

Toe touches...
Toe touches
Lizard lunges

Step forward lunge w/curl
Step bench chest press to flys
Step decline plank w/row to triceps kick back
Goddess w/lateral 2 way lift
Plyo jumps
Push up w/shoulder touches
Roman twist
Bridge w/leg up then out to side
Mountain climbers
Side plank
Leg lifts

Last nights Drills at ZFit Studio, they ROCKED it!
Bootcamp Drills: (2/25/15)

Run in place...
Run in place
Lizzard lunges

Step squat w/side kick
Step walking push up
Step toe lunges at front of step w/DB overhead
Plyo jumps
Donkey Kicks
Plank tricep kick back
DB swings
Curtsy lunge w/bicep curl
DB side to side
DB Squat thrusts
Wall squats w/2 way lateral lifts
Plank Jacks
Mountain climbers
Hop overs

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