Wednesday, April 15, 2015

108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces - Feng Shui

We all want a calming home, one free from stress and this new book could be just the right fit for new ideas on how to accomplish that!


108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces
Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes

New York, NY - FENG SHUI can change your life -- but learning how to use feng shui can be overwhelming to some. In her new book, “108 WAYS TO CREATE HOLISTIC SPACES: FENG SHUI AND GREEN DESIGN FOR HEALING AND ORGANIC HOMES” (168 pages, $22.95, ISBN-13-978-1502995643) architect, interior designer, and feng shui practitioner Anjie Cho clears the clutter and shows how to apply feng shui and green design principles to support and enhance one’s life. From the bedroom to the home office, with furniture placement and the use of color, Anjie describes simple, straightforward tips that will transform a home and workplace and improve the flow of energy throughout life.
Written for today’s world and lifestyle,”108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes shows:

·         How to position oneself in command of life
·         To clear and refresh space
·         Correct use of the feng shui bagua map
·         What colors to choose for maximum impact
·         How to incorporate the five elements
·         How to make every room in the home & workplace serve its highest purpose
·         To create eco-friendly spaces
·         To dedicate spaces to match intentions
·         To bring calm, inspiration, love and abundance to life and the world

About the Author Anjie Cho:
Anjie Cho is a registered architect and feng shui interior designer. Since 1999, she has been creating beautiful and nourishing environments. A graduate in Architecture from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley, Anjie is a sought-after expert in the fields of feng shui and green design. Anjie is also the founder of HOLISTIC SPACES, a blog and online store that integrates beauty, spirituality, and green design. Anjie is a LEED Accredited Professional and certified feng shui consultant from the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program. She lives in the Lower East Side of New York City with her husband and her Chihuahua, Javier.

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