Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoga Time!

These are a few shots from my yoga teacher training.
I am working on my sequence to turn in as homework.
I really love crow pose :-)
Going down to Eight angle pose
Eight angle pose
Plank hover
I just love this photo of Gracie.......
so cute ;-)

Just a shot from my desk at the office, snow, snow, snow!!!

I have been shopping for my nephew, he will be 17 on Valentines Day!
I hope he likes the haul I got.
He is 6'5" now and still loves skinny jeans, but trying to get a size 14 shoe is really hard to find.

Me at the office...........

This weeks workouts have been slacking due to the extreme cold.
Wednesday workout:

8 min step warm up w/db

Banded shuffle
Banded squat
Banded leg lifts

Kettlebell swings - 25lb/20lb - 1 min
Kettlebell twists - 25lb /20lb - 1 min
Kettlebell get ups - 12lb - 10 x2

Bench climbs - 1 min
Tricep dips - 30
Decline push ups add foot drop - 20

Bench press - 15lb db
Lateral lifts - 10lb db
V-ups - 20
Double crunch - 20

5 min cool down stretch

Thanks for reading..........


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