Thursday, January 9, 2014

NutriBullet Is Trash!

Goodbye NutriBullet!
I have thown you away and will not be using you any more...........
I was lucky enough to have someone from NutriBullet ask me to post my "negative" review on their site, and again sadly I have another negative review.

I agree that it works with cyclonic action, and blends stuff up amazing.
I love the look, its very nice and heavy.
I like that you can have containers to store your prepped fruit with lids in that are included.
What I don't like that I didn't mention before???

It gets this gunk in it!
Every time I started using this one month 4 or 5 it would kick itself off or run over.
Yup, I used the fill line it wasn't too full.

Look how creamy and delish!

But as you can tell it got this "rusty looking" gunk on it over and over again.
When it did over flow, I rinsed it carefully and whipped it out really good.
Let it sit upside down to dry.
But still this..........

I am not sure why?

Plus I only use spinach, banana, milk, whey and peanut butter.
Sure its kinda hard to tell when using spinach because its not a liquid, how can you tell its in the "Fill line area"?

I never mashed stuff down either and have had many smoothie makers, but never this.

So I threw it away, and I am giving this product a rating of 4.
1. It does work fast
2. It does the job for any fruit and veggie easy
3. It looks amazing and is heavy
4. Has great lids for containers

So if you plan on using this once a day, or a few times a week this could be the product for you. But if your a trainer and you use it alot, you might want to think again about such a large investment of money. Also I do NOT have a dishwasher so all parts were washed and dried by hand.
This is just my rating, would I buy this again?
Recommend it?
Only if you are a "light" user
You still have to dig out seeds, and cut up items so it really does not save time like it appears to on the info-commercial. I went back to using my Hamilton single smoothie maker and after 4 years it still works great, plus...... I know EXACTLY how many oz I am drinking, not so with the NutriBullet!
If you didn't see my original post on NutriBullet you can find it here:

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