Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Barbie House Gets New Appliances!

Small Spaces are hard to fit but I managed to bring the Barbie House into the 2014 year with a new range and fridge!
Aren't they pretty?
The old range was 20" and the new one is a whopping 24"!
However the old fridge was 28" is now 24"
Same 48" inches of space yet it looks so much bigger, yay. Plus I will be getting a matching microwave that will sit on top of the new fridge.
More counter space woot-woot!!!

These are a few shots from the 10.5" blizzard that hit St. Louis Sunday Jan 5th, welcoming the year 2014 in style.
Thanks Frosty ;-)

This is Gracie, enjoying the snow which was much deeper than her.

She was so fast I could barely get the photo snapped, and you can tell its up to her belly and still snowing.

Happy New Year, thanks for reading.
Ps - in case you don't know the Barbie house is loving called that because it is 580sq ft.

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