Tuesday, December 3, 2013

U.F.I.T. New ultra focused interval training

New UFIT workout DVD's you might want to put on your Christmas list!
Image: www.Cindywhitmarshfitness.com

Recently released from fitness and sports nutrition expert Cindy Whitmarsh are three new U.F.I.T. DVD’s to get you fit in six weeks. Why wait till after the New Year to have that body you always wanted, when start now?

Cindy has trained everyone from professional athletes to new moms and she knows how to get results, with the right workout and meal plan. One minute at a time, you will get results that last a lifetime!

The three Ultra Focused Interval Training (U.F.I.T.) DVD’s each include:
  • Two 20-minute workouts
  • Each has one, two or three minute intervals
  • Alternates cardio and toning
  • Moves that are athletic and uncomplicated
So far I love these workouts, you can find my take on it here:


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