Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treats and Snow!

Today was treat day at the office!
I made these little caramel apples out of grapes I found the idea on pintrest

I think they turned out cute and tasty too!

The Barbie House Christmas Decor.........
I added to the tree again ;-)

The top white sprigs

I think I like them they have beads that glisten.
Just have to adjust to it, since its really different.

WE got snow Saturday!
It was so pretty to wake up too.....

Big flakes and I love how wet it was so it stuck to all the trees.

Gracie loved it, she just couldn't figure out why it was coming from the sky ha ha!
Too cute Gracie ;-)

We also had the coolest full moon last night.
Monday the 16th, and I saw 3 accidents on the way home........hummmm
Its so pretty!

Wish I had more on the workouts but its been pretty lame.
With study and the holiday prep, its just been pure laziness :-)
2014 Fitness Trends:
Thanks for reading,
Merry Christmas!

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