Friday, December 13, 2013


The Barbie House is ready for Santa!!!!
And I got myself a new Christmas sweater!
I just couldn't wait to wear it though :-)

I also got my New Years top, that I will wear on the day of the work Christmas party. It's lovely jeweled and sleeveless, I love it.

I tried it on with a jacket and belt, just to see how I liked it.
Love. It.

This was the pink plaid scarf I got last year, decided I like it with the color I crazy or what?

Good news! I got a new stop watch for my Yoga Teacher Training!
Bam, $15 bucks at Walmart.

I don't like shopping there but I found it online and they had just ONE left in the store.
All Mine.
What I like is that it is not super duper big, and that it got 31 pretty good reviews.
I read reviews, do you?
What I have to practice is timing per second my poses just to be sure I don't run over a 1 hour and that I get them all in.
As for workouts this week.
It has not been pretty with my study time and trying to finish Christmas shopping.
Sounds like an excuse huh?
OK here it is.....after my 3 day weekend Yogahour teacher training.
Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - Zcut Power workout 8
ZCut Power workout #8
(I only had time for 1 set and 50 jumping jacks)

Single leg db squats w/bench 5lb db
Single leg dead lifts 10lb db
Bent over rows 12lb db          
Wednesday - 30 min power walk
Thursday - 30 min power walk      
Tonight I will do my 1hr Yogahour script 3 practice.
That's all I got, thanks for reading chow :-)            

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