Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW Skinny Cow Candy

Image: O.M.G. Have you ever tried these? I am a chocoholic willing to admit it, dark is my favorite and these come in dark too :-)

I just got these yesterday at the food store, and I can't wait to try them and if they would have had the dark chocolate I would have got those too. I love Skinny Cow ice cream, when I deserve to have a treat of sugar that is, so I imagine these are just as good.

Lately with our weather being so hot, I have been wanting some ice cream more then usual. I try to be sure to eat sugar early, that way my body has a chance to get rid of it as opposed to storing it as cellulite in my abs *sigh.

I am up 3lbs because I have not been at my workouts as hard as usual, no excuse just not in the mood. Weird.

Instead I was super productive in the yard since it was so nice and needed some attention. I cut down low branches, trimmed the shrubs and put out my new landscape lighting its so cool!

Here is the WORKOUT plan of the week:

Lunch - Walk inclines + SQUATS
After work - JM level 1 Killer buns and thighs (KB&T)
Client off

Am workout JM level 2 KB&T
Lunch - walk inclines/run
Client 6-7pm

Am workout - Yoga
Lunch ? they say rain
After work - MASSAGE

Am workout JM level 3 KB&T
Lunch ? they say rain
Client 6-7pm

Am workout - Yoga
Lunch again rain in the forecast
Client 5.45-6.45

Am workout - Cardio
Teaching Yoga 10-12.15am

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  1. I was excited to receive my preorder of the Buns and Thighs DVD yesterday because I had just finished Ripped. I intend to do this DVD for a month, probably 10 days each level as you would with her Shred video. Level one was DIFFICULT, but I got through it with ease because I was primed by working with Ripped in 30.