Friday, March 28, 2014

Cupcakes and Cocktails!

Oh I love spring colors don't you?
I really like brown with brights......

And can you tell my Crest white strips have worked?
I see that my smile looks brighter, yay!!!

Moving on to lunch, this was sweet potato with pecans and cinnamon.

My other snack, avocado and baked crackers, double yum!
I also had some chicken strips grilled but I ate those first for my protein.
I liked my lunch today :-)

This weekend is my Cupcakes and Cocktails party!
This is the set up, well I will have cupcakes on the covered stove and more wine too but you get the idea.

And the coffee bar, with Baileys of course :-)

Today good news my T-25 was delivered!
My 30 day challenge is almost over
Yay, things are starting to get EXCITING!

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