Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bow Tie Pasta!

I was feeling a crave for pasta, but nothing heavy.
Hello bow tie pasta!
Yes, I did have wine with it....
But look how tasty :-)

I saute'd the spinach, then cooked the pasta and added olive oil and a dash of parm cheese, it was delish.
You could add a protein to this like chicken or fish.

Over the weekend, I went to visit my sister and help her with her house.

I put the room together then I decided to add a table runner....

It really added more warmth to the room, plus it can be used as a coaster and the colors were very much fall like and went well with the drapes.......

In the kitchen, I added a cake plate with a fake pumpkin, just to bring in some fall flare...
cute huh?

This is my nephews cat, Lulu

.....and my nephews school photos I got.
I love the fact he is wearing a skate shoe company shirt with this back ground. I think he looks like a model, well at 6'5" he could be!

In other news.......
I got a new Yoga teaching job, I will be teaching 3 classes on the weekends.
Yay me :-)
Thanks for reading..........

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