Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kiss......Macy Day Parade 2014!

Wow, Kiss was on the Macy Day Parade!
It was great!

I got some nice photos.......

.....and the ending with fireworks, just like a Rock Concert!

Go Gene!

Then I decided to decorate......

Here is the tree, and Gracie of course :-)

and the porch.....

and new blue tree lights, love it!

It was almost 50 degrees, so I decided to have a toast on the porch when I got done.
Yay me!

Saturday I went to Belleville for Small Business shopping and got a great 3 row bracelet.....Green of course :-)
I had 3 full classes at Yoga that weekend, happy that eveyone came out to burn off the eats from the holiday.
Saturday - Yoga 2 hrs
Sunday - Yoga 1 hr
Thanks for reading.....I hope you had a great time!

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