Friday, October 25, 2013

All About Baseball and Protein Bars!

GO Cards!!!
We come home this weekend to play, and I am wearing my Cardinal headband to support our
Red Birds!!!
With a win last night, I am certain Saturday's game will be another win at home.
Big. Baseball. Fans. STL.
I tried these new Power crunch bars.
Check out the flavors.........

14 grams of protein each......taste good.

Not bad on calories or carbs.
I rate these = 8
If you like Nutty Bars then you will like these light wafers but I had to break them in little pieces then wash my hands and eat them.
Not good at my desk......just saying, messy, crumbly or they would be a 10.
Other then that price and ingredients good.
GO Cards, thanks for reading.

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