Monday, May 23, 2016

New Workout DVD - In Light of Change by Julie Rammal

Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering To Take Fitness To Higher Altitudes With Holistic Trainer Julie Rammal’s DVD Aboard For New Evolutionary Flying

In Light of Change…

 New workout DVD!
According to the press release........
Put your trays up and breathe as Chateaux de la Vie charters now offers Julie Rammal’s Evolutionary Way to Fitness for the first time in flight.  Yes, there’s now an evolutionary way to fly, thanks to having holistic Trainer Rammal’s DVD, “In Light of Change” aboard as you and she both jet into the U.S. market.  It’s an inspiring, transformational product created by the celebrity personal trainer and leading holistic fitness practitioner, Julie Rammal, ( who poses the revolutionary question: “Are you connected or disconnected to yourself?” 


“The collaboration and having Julie’s inflight training is perfect for our clientele as they can now enjoy their trip literally to the core!,” said Peter B. Lindgren Jr., President & Chairman, Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering, Inc.   “Having her DVD available to our clients for their private jet trips and occasionally having her aboard is a perfect fit,” added Lindgren.


Julie Rammal will be jetting to South Florida to meet with her new affiliate and partner on this holistic venture and will be attending a fashion show party which JSport and Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering, Inc. are sponsoring along with companies such as Lamborghini Broward.  “Photographer Jake Mazzone will capture the training session on our jet with Rammal, showing how busy minds and technology-absorbed bodies can peacefully and exuberantly reconnect during Chateaux de la Vie flights.


Holistic fitness developed by Rammal enables reconnecting the inner you with your outer form, creating an empowering unity of mind and body. Her unique brand of holistic fitness combines the best of modern and ancient fitness training techniques, alternative medicine and complimentary movement to create a new, more robust and attractive outer form that better defines who you really are inside.


Rammal’s DVD “In Light of Change” offers Lung Tonic, an exercise to counter bronchitis, colds, coughs, influenza; Core-Immunity reaching  where immunity is stored, releasing nourishment and protection; Posture Re-Alignment for back problems; Power Butt for losing weight in  thighs and hips, possibly from childhood anger stuck there, and Cellulite Release illiminating stored cellulite, from possibly anger and self-punishment.


Julie Rammal’s holistic training improves mood and well being, removes toxic layers, renews oneself in and out while flying.  To reconnect holistically to yourself, get a copy of the DVD, schedule an interview or attend the event, call (831) 656-0553.


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