Monday, May 9, 2016

Guest Post: The Best Fitness Food For Women

Today is a guest post..........yay

The Best Fitness Food For Women

Blasting away stubborn fat, building lean muscle, and toning up is nowhere near as easy as
those late night infomercials would have you believe it to be.
Those snake oil salesmen are going to try and peddle you the latest and greatest weight
loss/muscle building gizmo, gadget, or formula of ingestible glop all while promising the moon and the
stars as far as results go (for just 9 easy payments of $19.95, no less), understanding the whole time
that the only thing they are really selling is disappointment.
Thankfully though, you really can speed up your weight loss or muscle building results –
creating the beach ready body of your dreams – in no time at all, just by choosing the best fitness
foods for women.
Here are four of the top super foods you’ll want to start weaving into your daily diet ASAP!
1. Avocados get the fat burning fires going
Loaded with all kinds of healthy fats (and tasty, too), you’re going to really love everything that
avocados bring to the table.
Researchers at the University of Buffalo have long proven the health boosting properties of this
superfood. Filled with monounsatured fats that lower cholesterol, proteins that speed up muscle
repair, and all the building blocks you need to jack up your metabolism, this is a super fitness food
you need more of in a hurry!
2. Carrots aren’t just great for eyesight
When prepared the right way (gently roasted or pan glazed in a little bit of butter) carrots are
going to almost trick you into thinking you’re eating a dessert – when in reality you’re chowing down
on a real deal super food!
Packed with complex carbs that cannot easily convert into fat but instead produce a reasonable
and consistent supply of energy when you need it most, the potassium that carrots have in them will
also even out your blood pressure and slow down your muscle contractions.
3. Chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks
Probably the tastiest of all the cheap lean protein sources, you can prepare chicken in only about
a million and one different ways – and every cut is packed with the protein your body needs after a
workout to get you back to better than brand new quickly.
Tasty, versatile, and filled to the brim with protein (and incredibly inexpensive), there’s a reason
why so many world class bodybuilders, elite athletes, and top fitness models the world over eat
chicken on a daily basis.
4. Chocolate Milk?!
Milk definitely does a body good, but there’s nothing quite like being able to calm down a
craving for sweets with a glass of chilled chocolate milk. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra  
time you should look to melt down real deal dark chocolate to be added, but in a pinch that
bottled syrup will do.
Limit your intake to avoid overloading on simple carbs and you’ll still be able to get quite a bit of
extra rapidly digestible protein while kicking your cravings for junk food to the curb. It doesn’t get any
better than that!
About the Guest Blogger:
My name is Vera and I love everything about modern cooking and kitchen tips! Me and my sister recently started a blog, ( mostly about cooking while using modern kitchen gadgets, I think they are really helpful these days. We also have some videos there and products reviews - actual review of products we tried.

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