Thursday, March 10, 2016

Michelle Abbruzzese New Workout DVDs DANCE YOURSELF FIT and TONE & TIGHTEN

Michelle Abbruzzese’s WORK IT DANCE and FITNESS PRESENTS TWO NEW DVDS just released

Talk about fun workouts.....
Oh I love low impact, and this has it all! 

According to the Press Release:
Tone & Tighten (60 minutes, $19.99) utilizes hand weights (or soup cans!), resistance band exercises, and floor work to target the entire body. After each muscle group is worked, through high repetition using a small range of motion, stretches are used to elongate the muscles. The workout creates muscles that are toned and lengthened, not big and bulky. After just a few weeks legs will look leaner, butt will look firmer, abs will become stronger, as shoulders, arms and chest become defined. (who doesn't want that for summer!)
1. Viewers will burn away fat as they feel challenged and become stronger throughout the workout that is designed for ANY age and fitness level. 
2. The intensity of the exercises are completely controlled individually! Whether a trained athlete or never having worked out before, Tighten & Tone will help one reach their fitness goals! 
3. In addition to the Play all option, viewers can select chapters: Warm Up, Arms, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Legs, Calves, Quadriceps, Hips, Hamstrings, Abs workout and Stretches.

Wanting more of a DIVA workout?
This one has you covered...........

Dance Yourself Fit (70 minutes, $19.99) is a burlesque inspired dance workout drawn from the wide variety of dance styles Michelle has trained for over the past four decades; ranging from tap, ballet, jazz, to belly dancing and pole dancing. 
1. The moves are designed for anyone, from beginners to the more advanced, and for all ages. Whether one is a dancing queen or has two left feet, viewers will bump and shimmy their way to a whole new persona. 
2. Each carefully designed dance move comes together in an incredibly fun, low impact and results oriented routine, that not only targets abs, legs, butt and arms, but does so without weights, sit ups or crunches. 
3. The DVD is divided into chapters: Warm Up, Shoulder workout, Chest Isolations, Hips, Slides & Dips and a section on Choreography. Viewers can do the entire workout at once or they can pick and choose. 

Michelle Abbruzzese’s fitness videos and live classes at Work It Dance and Fitness are the perfect blend of dance and fitness techniques that provide a total body workout that is not only fun, but burns fat, builds muscle, and has one feeling confident and sexy!

You can order HERE  

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