Friday, May 9, 2014


The poppies are blooming!
I love them, and you can even see where I left off painting the fence, what a difference huh?

and....I got the last tree!
Front is complete, its a pussy willow tree and its lovely!

Pond flowers are filling in nice too.

You can barely see the tree but it is a fast growing tree so I think it will fill out fast. Its on the right side of the pond.

Now this is the weekend project.......

Started taking down the old retaining wall and will be putting the new one up.
I will also paint the timbers to match the fence.
(the right sideexcept for 2 panels and gate belong to my neighbor)

And the rubbish.......but you can tell how the fence looks amaizing!

Here is the Pussy Willow Tree.......
close up :-)

This weeks workouts:
P90X 3 Begins.

emoticonMonday - Off Day

emoticonTuesday 5/6
P90X3 Day 1 - Synergystics = Cals burned 150

20 Pushup crawls
20 Plia w/10lb db
20 Circle crunch
Boat to Plow
Balance Press lift w/10lb db
3 Hop Press w/10lb dv
Hammer curl w/10lb db
Brannon Boat
Flying warrior w/3lb db

Missed cool down no time.
Lunchtime walk - 25 min = 80 cals
Total cals burned = 230

emoticonWednesday 5/7

P90X3 Agility X - Day 2
(I modified jumps)

Explode hold
Wide tape Lunges
Joel jump squat
Top tap skaters
Near and Farrs
Ring around the posey
Scissor kick jumps
8 sprint 3
Plyo V Lunge
5 Step shuffle
Gump jump pushup
Top that line
Jump knee jump

Cals burned = 150

emoticonThursday 5/8
P90X3 Day 3
Yoga X (15 minutes)

Vinyasa x3
Airplane to clasp handed lunge

Warrior 1,2 and reverse
Bound side angle

Cresent to Warrior 3
Half moon to twisted moon
Standing splits

Cals burned = 67

emoticonFriday 5/9
P90X3 Day 4 (15 minutes)
Push Pull

Standing crecent

Pull ups 8
Pushups 12
Pull ups 11
Pushups 15
Pull ups 10
Pushups 12
Pull ups 10
Pushups 12

Cals burned = 90

Lunchtime walk = 120

Total cals 210

Weekly calories burned = 677      
Thanks for reading........chow!

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