Monday, May 5, 2014

A Night At Marriott Wright City MO!

A little trip out of town, for a Mud Run lead me to the Marriott Fairfield Inn in Wright City MO.
So of course I wore my new dress :-)
I just love it, and so comfy.......
I went to get another color!
The lobby was just to  my liking, very modern.
It was just recently built and you could tell.

Cool outdoor lights.....

Perfect sky......

The bed and all the touches were very textured.

The huge shower :-)

I love the flooring it was not cold on the feet or slippery.
Nice job Marriott!

Even the halls were colorful yet modern.

I love long hallways........

If you remember my blog about the Scary Green Hallway......(its in Oklahoma)
This one not so much.

Orange, love it.

Uber modern wanted it!

The tile in the shower, also wanted it.....basket weave super duper cool!

Bamboo imitation wall paper, awesome!

Artwork, check!

Fitness center, didn't use.......way to tired.
The pool, fabulous!

I give this  hotel a 10+
The staff very friendly and everything was set out nice, including the breakfast.
If your out neat St. Charles or Wentzville this is a great hotel.
I pre-booked at $107.
Well worth it!

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