Monday, April 28, 2014

The Painted Fence!

I worked all weekend, and got the pond finished and part of the fence painted!
Pretty huh?
Its called natural cedar.....I love it!

I also got the mulch and flowers in around the pond.
and with the fountain on so pretty.
I got blue and pink and a solar ball too.

I just need one more tall shrub near the house but I love the colors.

Once it gets settled, as you can see I planted grass seed too I can start adding black mulch next year.

We have rain for today and tomorrow so I hope the new grass will love it.
Ha, I have a yard full of hay ;-)

So this is the rest that I have to paint plus more.

The big dog section........ugg.

In case you don't remember what it did look like,
here ya go..........
Before at design stage

Before at design stage

After with a "plugged-in" willow tree

Another fun day at the office, just back from a walk

Thanks for reading.....
Ps - NO weekend workouts my gardening was the workout lol

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